After decades of ‘French bashing’, the tide is turning. Of course, everyone already knows how good French infrastructure is – you only have to look at our high-speed rail and internet networks. What’s more, France is home to a million engineers, as many as in Germany, despite its greater population. We’ve always had the talent and resources required to succeed, all we needed was change. And it’s now on its way…

After 13 years working for Apple, I launched my own venture capital fund C4 Ventures; after being immersed in the European startup scene, it was a natural opportunity to use my experiences to further the ongoing political, social and economic transformations in France.

The French government is focusing on many areas, making the labor market more flexible, straightforward and efficient, reforming taxation to promote investment, supporting industry, innovation and entrepreneurs, and improving education and professional development.

Now, as Business France’s Chairman and Ambassador for International Investment, I intend to spread the word and make it easier for international investors and startup founders to understand France’s new regulatory and tax framework.

This country is no longer resting on its laurels, and the world is starting to sit up and notice. A report by Portland Communications published last summer ranked France as the world’s top soft power, ahead of the United States. France has so much to offer, and its time really is now!

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