Jessica Pelligrini runs the startup Azzura Lights, which she founded in 2014. Specializing in energy efficiency and performance, Azzura Lights creates a range of services, products and training courses to make a success of energy transition. And how do they do this? By making learning fun, via educational workshops. Azzura Lights’ clients include businesses, communities and academia.

The day starts at 7am, when the Azzura Lights team meets for breakfast to discuss what’s on the agenda for the day ahead. It’s also the moment when they discuss plans for designing different educational guides.

At 10am, they have a meeting with partners. The startup is fully committed to respecting the three pillars of sustainable development, as can be seen by its projects, and its overall approach to them. Fostering community ties is written into the DNA of Azzura Lights, which always does its utmost to support local economics and protect the environment, no matter what procedure is being followed. Jessica Pelligrini meets up with her partner who is responsible for the educational guides, which are distributed to her clients during the coaching workshops. These guides are always produced by printers in Nice who use plant-based ink, on recycled, PEFC-certified paper.

Lunch takes place at around 1pm in front of our screens, while we work! We schedule appointments and monitor the production teams. The afternoon starts at 2pm in the field, with an energy-based educational session for schools in the region. Azzura Lights has been teaching children energy-saving tips for over three years now, and aims above all to make it fun for them. The children learn about renewable energy, fossil fuels, energy transition, and the impact that human activity can have on the environment and nature.

At 5pm it’s time to prepare for an energy poverty session with a local community. Azzura Lights show different communities how to implement a system that can help their poorest citizens. Energy poverty is a real social issue, but very few tangible measures have been introduced to address the problem. Azzura Lights, since it was founded, has worked hard to help families overcome these difficulties. To date, Azzura Lights has helped 2,200 families change their day-to-day behavior and lower their energy bills as much as possible.

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