Clément Moreau is a French engineer who used to work for Inventel, a startup acquired by Technicolor. In 2009, he co-founded Sculpteo with Eric Carreel and Jacques Lewiner. Sculpteo is a 3D printing service company that enables customers to create their own prototype, have it printed (in plastic, sterling silver, brass, etc.) and order it from the cloud.

Find yourself a good team

It is essential to have people from different backgrounds, as the pressure can be too much for one person to bear alone. Every time I meet a young entrepreneur, I tell them to find people who can complement them.


I created my company in 2009 thinking things would get easier. But the bigger you get, the harder it gets. You simply need to persevere. One thing that all these years have taught me is that you have to be willing to carry on.

Always stay ahead

An idea in itself is valuable, but it can be worth so much more, provided it is properly developed. Competition is fierce, and as a company grows, it is easy to get distracted. Always innovate to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Don’t overlook the financial aspect

Being an engineer by trade, I overlooked it at first. We hired an administration and finance director later on in the process than we should have done.

Embrace mistakes

No matter what, a startup will at some point make mistakes. You need to be ready for it to happen, be forgiving, and implement policies to limit their impact. Every little mistake has the potential to help the entire company to grow.

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