At the Choose France summit, which took place at the Palace of Versailles on January 22, 2018, American giant Google announced substantial investments in the artificial intelligence sector in France.

Google's investment project comprises three strands:

  • The creation of four new ‘Google Hubs’ in four regions of France, in partnership with local specialists developing free online training in digital skills.

  • The creation of a center for fundamental research in artificial intelligence, in partnership with a team of researchers. The team will be working on machine learning, natural-language processing, and the application of information technologies in sectors such as healthcare and the arts.

  • An up to 50% increase in the workforce at its offices in Paris.


The talent to develop your innovations

France provides businesses in the sector with a rich pool of 5 300 researchers and engineers, who excel in all the disciplines that constitute AI.

At present, France boasts nine world-class firms with laboratories specializing exclusively in artificial intelligence research. Around 70% of these laboratories belong to foreign firms. This figure reflects the tremendous confidence that AI industry leaders have in French talent, and in the French ecosystem.

Are you planning to develop a product or service connected with artificial intelligence? In France, you will find large numbers of mathematicians, researchers and engineers, trained either in universities or elite professional schools (grandes écoles). These unique human resources will help you guide your project to success. Carry out your project in France, and reap the benefits of the ‘French touch’ in AI!