Exceptionally attractive opportunities in France

France has far-reaching objectives for rolling out the electric and hybrid vehicle sector and thus offers significant opportunities to new companies.

At the end of 2018, there were 207,000 electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles in France. The aim is to increase this figure to 1 million by 2022, i.e. a five-fold increase (600,000 electric vehicles and 400,000 hybrid vehicles).


100,000 public charging points by 2022 across the territory

The aim is to roll out 100,000 public charging points by 2022. In 2019, there were already more than 180,000 private charging points.

This plan includes measures to simplify and improve accessibility to terminals and provide financial support for the installation of terminals in the home. It supports, through targeted measures, the deployment of electric terminals in companies, public spaces and private homes.

Plan to develop an electrical battery production sector

The State is providing €700 million in support for the development of an industrial sector for the production of electric batteries and the creation of a European partnership around a Franco-German consortium. 

The emergence of a French and European industrial offer in the battery sector is a priority project for the government. It will be supplemented by the development of a battery recycling channel.




France wants to become Europe’s leading host country for investments in autonomous vehicles

The aim is to deploy, across the territories, full-scale autonomous on-demand transport services by 2021.

The regulatory framework and financial support will encourage early experimentation. France boasts a highly dynamic ecosystem, comprising startups and innovative companies working on sensors, vision, geo-positioning, cybersecurity, intelligent processors and simulation, as well as renowned institutes in the field of artificial intelligence (INRIA, SystemX, LAAS, CEA-LIST, etc.). Two of France's four interdisciplinary artificial intelligence institutes have made transport-related applications one of their key focuses.

This plan proceeds directly from the 2018 launch of the French strategy on autonomous and connected vehicles.

The French ambitious roadmap for tomorrow's automotive industry

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