LinkedIn has this week released the “LinkedIn Top Startups 2018” rankings, showcasing the 25 most attractive startups in France.

The rankings are based on four criteria – increase in staff, platform interactions between the company and its employees, interest in the startup’s job opportunities, and the startup’s ability to attract talent to large companies – and have recognized the strength of French entrepreneurship.

The selected companies were all founded at least seven years ago, have 50 or more employees, independent or private status, and their head office in France.

The top three startups are as follows:

  • PayFit: The software that automates payroll management and manages HR services
  • Snips: The intelligent voice assistant
  • Qonto: The bank that opens an account in less than five minutes and charges just nine euros per month 

For further information (in French) on the companies that are revolutionizing the world of tomorrow, click here.