French fab is what happens when industry plays as a team”, explains Fanny Letier, executive director for Bpifrance. This new label, launched in October last year, hopes to federate industrials of all shapes and sizes - SMEs, intermediates and multinationals - under one banner to help promote French excellence globally.

Let us reclaim French industry’s status, strength and power. To succeed in an increasingly competitive world, our industry must be united: we can’t have SMEs on one side and multinationals on the other”, said Bruno Le Maire, French Minister for the Economy and Finances at the French Fab launch.

Organized by Bpifrance, the French Fab label will allow for accelerated growth of the industries of the future sector, to reinforce France’s position as a world leader in the digitization of industry, a key competitiveness factor for companies.

This strategy doesn’t just attract talent, it also draws in foreign capital. Any and all companies from the French industrial make up (industry and services for industry) can unite under this banner. To join up, they must adopt the French Fab charter, which includes a variety of growth targets, internationalization, digitization, energy transition but also a commitment to being a “team player”.