The French Economic, Social and Environmental Council           75116 Paris

The event’s main guests will include:o   Lambert Wilson, actor and director, guest of honoro   Sophie Jovillard, event host, journalist and presenter of the TV program Échappées Belles on France5o   Frédéric Mazella, founder of Blablacaro   Delphine Ernotte, President of France Télévisions

  • Key players on the ground from across France, with amazing, innovative initiatives which can have a positive impact on society, along with many leading figures
  • And you, the general public

An evening with 500 decision-makers, influencers and key playersWe are living in a difficult time, in a country that feels fragmented with no clear way forward. We therefore need authentic and original stories that can bring people together, excite them and provide a call to action.The challenge is to come together to tackle a wide range of issues, whether climate-related, environmental, or economic.Reporters d’Espoirs has been working for 15 years for information companies and the media to make people want to act. The NGO came up with the concept of solutions journalism, which exists today around the world.It is a question of coming up with constructive initiatives, and of speaking all about France, creating new narratives, showcasing the ideas of a new “French dream”.

In 2019, France Solutions explores four structured themes surrounding a “French dream”: 

  • France is the sea
  • France is beautiful
  • France is industry
  • France is us

The seventh edition of France Solutions in 2019 will feature the following:

  • 3,000 decision makers, media professionals and influencers gathered at the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council in the Palais d’Iéna.
  • 25 million French people will benefit from its unique networks and links with 50 media partners.