In 2018, French wine and spirits export sales amounted to €13.2 billion, up 2.4% compared with 2017.

The trade balance increased by 1.7% to €11.7 billion, consolidating the sector’s position as the second largest surplus in the French trade balance, after aerospace but ahead of perfumes and cosmetics.

Although one-third of sales went to the European Union, the United States retained its position as France’s top customer with €3.2 billion, up 4.6%, followed by the United Kingdom (€1.3 billion), and China (€1 billion).

Wine alone accounted for two-thirds of sales (€8.9 billion, up 2.6%), with Champagne leading the way with 32% of the total, followed by Bordeaux wines (24%). Spirits rose 1.8% to €4.3 billion, with cognac accounting for 73% of exports in value.

France’s global market share was 15% in unit sales and 30% in revenue terms, a sign that France’s strategy of producing high-quality products has been largely successful.

You can find the Business France “Wine and spirits industry” kit here.