France is a major player in the agricultural sector.


It is the leading European producer of agricultural products (€62.3 billion in 2016) and is ranked first for the production of sugar, cereals and beef.


There are more than 450,000 farms in France, covering a utilized agricultural area of ​​27,814 hectares, the largest in Europe.


The French agri-food industry is ranked first in Europe in terms of value added. With revenues of €180 billion excluding VAT, of which 21% is exported, 60,000 companies and nearly 535,000 employees in 2016, it is also the leading industrial sector in France.


In 2018, France was the world's fifth largest exporter of agri-food products.


An attractive country for international investment, in 2018 France welcomed 76 international investment projects in the agricultural sector, after having had 98 projects in 2017, resulting in the creation or safeguarding of 1,431 jobs (3,142 in 2017).


In the agricultural sector, France stands out for its commitment to innovation and R&D. French businesses are the leading European companies in terms of domestic R&D expenditure in the agri-food industries, and are second in agriculture, forestry and fishing.


Organic farming in France comprises a number of key players, including producers, processors and distributors. In 2017, more than 54,000 operators were listed in the French organic sector, the second largest in Europe. In the agri-food industry, there were more than 16,000 organic processors, which was also ranked second in Europe.


To coincide with the Anuga Food Fair, held from October 5-9, 2019 in Cologne, Germany, Business France has updated its agri-food kits.


The series is divided into nine themes, including:

- French Agri-food: a leading industry

- French meat industry

- French field crops

- French fruit and vegetables industry

- French wine industry

- French organic industry

- French gourmet products and sweet treats

- French dairy products

- French agricultural machinery


Available in French and English, these kits are a handy tool to promote France and its businesses abroad.