The agency has selected the export support service providers for six countries.

Business France has just informed the organizations that will receive public export promotion services for the international development of French companies in six countries: Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Norway, the Philippines, and Singapore. From January 1, 2019, these recipients will be the go-to organizations in their respective countries, flying the “Team France Export” flag, and will help all those SMEs and mid-size companies wishing to benefit from export support.

Christophe Lecourtier, CEO of Business France, has praised the clear and efficient manner in which the procedure for selecting these public service providers was carried out: “The Team France reform serves as a major revision of the public export support system. It is an end-to-end simplification, with one-stop shops for companies in the area in which they are located, and – thanks in particular to these six public service providers and the two public service contracts that we announced in November – better defined roles abroad. The selection of these six recipients is a symbolic step and the result of the work carried out by Business France teams who were entrusted with this task by the Prime Minister when the Team France reform was announced in Roubaix on February 23, 2018.”

Against a backdrop of reduced public spending, the Team France reform, by creating a set of alliances in France and abroad, will meet the national target assigned to public operators: that of having more exporters, and more exports, without compromising on the quality of services. A genuine public-private partnership, “Team France” will be supported by modern digital tools, which will be used by the entire ecosystem and co-financed by Business France and the dedicated fund for the transformation of public services.

The list of recipients is as follows:

  • Norway: Franco-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
  • Singapore: French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
  • Belgium: France-Belgium International Chamber of Commerce
  • Hungary: France-Hungary International Chamber of Commerce
  • Philippines: France-Philippines International Chamber of Commerce
  • Morocco: French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco