SaaS Lander, the method and network to scale in the USA

5 sept. - 14 oct. 2022
New York + Digital, États-Unis
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A look back at empowering B2B SaaS founders to land deals and scale in the US since 2014

Impact USA, the acceleration program powered by Business France, keeps growing and rebrands as SaaS Lander. Building on the success of 11 in-person cohorts and 2 full-remote editions, SaaS Lander offers the flexibility of distance learning, while bringing back all the perks of in-person experiences. Our goal remains to empower the founders of strongly differentiated B2B SaaS businesses to land deals and scale in the US market.

America is a huge opportunity for French tech startups

World’s largest market

  • With nearly 330 million people, accounting for ¼ of global household consumption, the U.S is the largest consumer market in the world
  • It also has the largest concentration of Global 500 companies, and a GDP of $20 trillion (growing 2.3% per year on average)

World’s 1st tech ecosystem

  • Largest entrepreneurial ecosystem featuring the best tech industry - leaders, talents, innovation hubs… 
  • 40K+ startups are settled in Silicon Valley, 10K+ in New York.
  • More than 560 new unicorns were recorded last year. Of those, 344 are based in the US

Most mature VC market

  • 52% of global venture capital is raised in the US (vs 1,9% in France)
  • Home of 1,000 active VC firms including the most successful ones
  • 31% of venture-backed founders are immigrants
  • Tech companies in the US 2021’s biggest IPOs

But Scaling in the US is tough


  • The most competitive market in the world. If you don’t have competition in the US, there is probably no market for your product


  • Running your business here can cost up to 4x what is costs in France. Everything is expensive: relocating your team, salaries, marketing, etc. But keep in mind that the returns remain unmatched


  • The scale of the market and the sophistication of your competition require the implementation of processes across the board (sales, marketing, HR, etc.)

Hard to navigate

  • Your personal network is limited in America. The French connection is not enough.
  • Half of the business in America is done in NY and SF, but the other half is scattered across the states

We get you there in 6 weeks

Kickstart your US journey

  • Our program is here to fast track your roadmap, get fast results, and land in the U.S in a few weeks

Validate your GTM strategy

  • Put your strategy to the test by working with us on a GTM specific to the U.S market

Build your US network

  • Leverage our community of mentors, experts, and CEOs. Having exclusive access to our network will help you close deals, build a team, and raise funds in the US

Grow as a CEO

  • Learn from top executives and leaders in their industry who have built successful businesses and want to help you build yours