France, the 3rd most attractive market for renewable energy

The combination of both strong political and industrial ambitions 

According to the 53rd EY Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), France has moved up to two positions and is now the third most attractive destination for investment in renewable energy behind China and the United States. This strong leap forward is greatly due to extra focus on both photovoltaics and floating offshore wind.

These strategic orientations contribute to climate-change mitigation and the implementation of a low-carbon economy. CleanTech prove once again their worth by combining environmental concerns and dynamic job creation.  

Photovoltaics, a priority for French energy policy

The Multiannual Energy Program (PPE) aims to increase fivefold French photovoltaic production capacities in order to reach 35.6GW by 2028. Thus many initiatives have been since carried out, e.g. solar facilities in anthropized areas (large production sites, logistics, parking lots, public institutions) and potent support to technological innovations in agrivoltaics.

France in pole position in wind power industry

Furthermore France continues to vigorously develop its offshore wind energy sector. On the open sea, much higher wind force allows for more than twice energy to be created compared to onshore branch. The Multiannual Energy Program plans to boost French offshore wind farm capacities to attain 2.4GW in 2023 and 4.7GW in 2028. In addition to fixed-bottom wind turbine technologies, France paves the way for floating wind turbines with four demonstration projects approved by the European commission.

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