Better autonomy, innovative features… professional drones offer high value-added solutions for markets with great growth potential, e.g. infrastructures inspection, precision farming, topographical plans, urban safety, forest fire monitoring etc. So many fields where drones offer both significant cost reduction and increase in productivity.

Safe and flexible regulations

In 2012, France is the first country to pass an act to manage UAV traffic. This regulation has been decisive to safely develop drone innovations and catalysed market growth.

Growing popularity for drones in building industry and farming

In 2017, the revenue in service delivery for industry and town and country planning increased fivefold. Drones precisely detect cracks and deterioration on road structures without using large-scale equipments nor blocking traffic. Inspection market for the 70 000 highway structures just only begun.

Farming is another promising market with 448 500 French farms. Indeed drones, sensors and algorithms can detect damages, pathologies and estimate yields. These technologies are particularly helpful for grain and wine farms.

Top aircraft manufacturers are focusing on military use of drones. Thus investing in civil applications turns out to be highly profitable.

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