Successfully setting up in France

Learn more about different company forms and key steps in establishing a subsidiary in France.

An efficient, effective legal framework to help you invest successfully in France


France offers a simple and predictable process for setting up a company, with a single contact point: the Business Formalities Center. Formalities can be completed electronically.

Business France provides you with all the information you need on the company form best suited to your investments, along with the necessary procedures and documents to be completed before registering a company, and signposts you to the appropriate business formalities center depending on the location of your investment.

Understanding the legal framework for regulated activities

Some business lines are subject to specific regulations; authorization is required for these kinds of regulated activities.

Business France will show you the procedure and the preliminary declarations you need to make, and guide you towards the appropriate contact points (French authorities and legal advisers) who will help you secure the required authorizations.

Effective protection for your intellectual property rights and personal information


Depending on your line of business and what personal information you store, you may need to make a declaration to or apply for authorization from the French Data Protection Agency (CNIL).

The French Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) is the authority governing the management of your brand, domain name and copyright.

Business France informs you of your obligations and facilitates contact with the relevant bodies.

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