How to benefit from public support to invest in France ?

Business France helps identify government support available for successful projects in France and assists you within a secure and controlled environment. 

Business France identifies available public support for your project. 

Business France is the single contact point for inward investors needing to accurately identify what government support is available and check their eligibility for state aid. 

Business France facilitates contact with French public organisms to seize the best opportunites. 

Make your French investment a reality

France offers a broad and diverse range of public support to meet the needs of international investors. 

What support is available depends :

    - on the project’s purpose (physical investment; research, development and innovation; training) ;

    - on location ( priority regional development areas) ;

    - on the type of company making the investment (startup, large corporate, mid-size company or SME). 

Business France helps you find your way around more than 5.000 different support schemes to help turn your plans into reality and create jobs on the ground. 

Coordinating public support applications in France

Business France shares its unique knowledge of support schemes and channels to help you gain access to public support available at European, national, regional and local level.

Business France facilitates and coordinates contact between multinational companies and French government agencies responsible for processing applications and awarding public support.

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