A third book in the “What If…?” series was published following on from two previous Business France publications “France means innovation” and “Créative France, What If?”.

The new edition, “What if…? Startups re-imagining the world” showcases 35 French and foreign startups, ‘unicorns’, and fledgling firms from various sectors that have successfully set up business in France. This coffee-table format book, like its two previous counterparts, pays tribute to French creativity and innovation in all its forms, and has also been translated into French for the first time.

The aim of this new publication is to highlight just how innovative French companies and foreign companies based in France can be, and the impact their extraordinary and surprising ideas can have on people’s lives around the globe. Each of the 35 success stories comes with a specially commissioned original illustration by a leading French or foreign artist.

Today’s generation of entrepreneurs in France are not only self-confident risk-takers, they are also keen to bring their products to the widest possible global audience.

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