France: a dynamic economy at the heart of Europe

With a GDP of US$2,575 billion at current prices in 2017, France is the world’s fifth largest economy after the United States, China, Japan and Germany.


A gateway to the EMEA

France was Europe’s leading host country for foreign subsidiaries in 2015, with more than 28,000, compared with 27,700 in Germany and 22,200 in the United Kingdom. (Eurostat)

France’s location, combined with first-class multimodal transport infrastructure, makes it an ideal springboard to other countries, continents and world regions, throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA).

France continues to be ranked first in the world for trading across borders, due to simplified electronic customs procedures, putting it ahead of Germany (38th) and the United Kingdom (28th). (World Bank)

France also boasts a buoyant demographic profile, and is the leading country in Europe by fertility rate, verging on two live births per woman.

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France: an attractive economy

A thriving startup ecosystem

Created in 2013, “La French Tech” is an ecosystem-building marketing and communication initiative that seeks to raise France’s profile and that of its startups with the venture capital industry, the media, opinion leaders from the tech industry and international entrepreneurs.


The “French Tech Ticket” offers foreign entrepreneurs founding their startup in France a special welcome pack (grant, visa, Helpdesk contact point, etc.). In 2017, Station F, the world’s largest startup incubator, opened its doors, providing office accommodation for up to 1,000 new fledgling businesses.


World-class infrastructure

France’s high-quality transport and communication infrastructure is widely acclaimed by foreign investors. France has first-class airports: Paris Charles de Gaulle is Europe’s largest airport for cargo and second largest for passengers after London Heathrow. France also boasts very attractive energy access, with a cost-effective and reliable electrical grid – electricity rates are among the most competitive in Europe – and an excellent broadband penetration rate (ranked second among major European countries).