Produced by Business France for the fourth consecutive year, this White Paper is designed as a resource to be used by both public- and private-sector stakeholders working in economic development and the promotion of the attractiveness of our economy. It seeks to  offer more than  a  mere  summary of global rankings by examining the various methodologies used and elucidating France’s performances. It highlights France’s strengths and weaknesses and reveals areas for improvement in which further efforts are required.


The 2018 edition of the Business France White Paper reveals a sharp improvement in investor confidence in France, signaling the end of “French bashing”. The IMD’s World Competitiveness Yearbook and EY’s France Attractiveness Survey both confirm this: a new image of France is emerging, that of a country geared towards the future, committed to reform and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and a creative force with strong entrepreneurial dynamism. Furthermore, in the Amcham-Bain Barometer 2017 it was revealed that the satisfaction levels of American investors have never been higher, with 72% of the investors polled stating that the economic outlook in France over the next three years will change for the better, up 23 percentage points from 2016, and 45 points from 2015!

Discover here the 2018 edition of the White Paper on international rankings.

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