More than €27 billion was invested in real estate in France in 2017, according to research carried out by real estate services and investment firm CBRE. The report also highlighted that more than €6 billion was invested in Paris, and nearly €20 billion in Ile de France (Paris region), figures that have not been seen since 2007.

From an economic point of view, and buoyed by renewed growth in France and internationally, Paris has become the most attractive city in Europe. The major Grand Paris infrastructure project, the hosting of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, and the excellent quality of life enjoyed by those who work in the city – in addition to its many cultural attractions and reputation for safety and security – have all helped make Paris appeal to European investors.

“At the International Market for Real Estate Professionals (MIPIM), a number of foreign investors spoke to me about how attractive Paris is. They particularly like the city’s financial security, its overall attractiveness for companies, and the quality of life enjoyed by people who work in the city. These are things that investors don’t find in Frankfurt, for example,” says Bob Sulentic, President and CEO of CBRE.  

After Paris, the next most attractive cities in Europe in the eyes of investors are Madrid and Amsterdam.