“La French Fab en mouvement” is the theme of this year’s “Semaine de l’Industrie” which promotes ​​companies that manufacture products in France and contribute, through their innovation and drive, to the “industry of the future”.

The ‘Semaine de l’Industrie’ has been offering educational visits and discovery sessions to the general public across France since 2011 in the form of company visits, work-related speed dating events, career forums, web conferences, classroom visits, and exhibitions with a view to learning more about innovative professions, which sectors are recruiting, and what training is available.

This annual event helps to promote the image of a modern, innovative, and environmentally-friendly industry, and aims to make the sector more attractive, especially to young people. It also promotes the mix of professions and the importance of women in the various sectors.

The 2018 edition of the “Semaine de l’Industrie” saw nearly 360,000 people attend some 2,918 events across France.

For more information, visit www.semaine-industrie.gouv.fr