Are you looking to dispel the preconceived ideas associated with France? Are you looking to go beyond the stereotypes and demonstrate that France is attractive, dynamic and innovative? And are you looking for key information in the form of images or data to help support your arguments about France?

Then this platform is for you! Organized by major current themes, the site features all the essential information surrounding France’s strengths for you to include in your presentations.

Do you think that France is a cautious country that does not like making decisions? Did you know that France is the second European country for Enterprise creation creation and that more than 591,000 companies were created in 2017? Or that more than 3,000 startups are based in Paris?

Do you think France is as innovative as its neighbors? Did you know that the CNRS is the second largest research organization in the world? And that France is ranked second in Europe (and sixth in the world) for the filing of international patents and is the recipient of 13 out of the 56 Fields medals awarded since 1936?

You can read about all this and more on our platform.