The French chemical industry had an excellent year in 2017, growing 4.6%, according to the latest figures released by the French Chemical Industry Association (UIC).

Highest growth for 15 years

Businesses throughout the sector have enjoyed growth, with 2017 having proved particularly positive for companies specializing in organic chemicals (up 7.5%) and soaps, perfumes and cleaning products (up 8.2%).

This increase is also due to the positive global business environment, with the usual big-name industries, including the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and packaging sectors, having placed more and more orders for French chemical products.

Exports on the rise

French chemical exports grew by 9% in 2017 to €59 billion, with this sector regaining its position as the leading industrial exporter, ahead of aerospace.

An innovative industry

“Growth in the French chemical industry is structurally higher than the GDP average because it provides promising solutions for the future,” says Pascal Juéry, President of UIC.

Whether it is lighter plastics resulting in lower fuel consumption by vehicles and aircraft, materials that improve thermal insulation in buildings, or essential components for electronic products, the French chemical industry appears to have found what it takes to succeed.

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