Economic attractiveness is a standout issue for any country, and a key factor in the strength of national economies and of their integration in the global economy. Attracting job-creating foreign investments, which play a major role in economic buoyancy and renewed industrialization of regions, is a challenge that must be met.

For the ninth consecutive year, Business France’s “France Attractiveness Scoreboard” aims to identify points to be improved on, and to communicate France’s key strengths.

A total of 123 indicators have been examined, measuring how France’s economy is attractive according to nine key criteria (market size, infrastructures, human capital, costs and taxation, innovation, administrative and regulatory environment, etc.). France is also compared to its leading competitors within the OECD.

The French market and its geographical location, the efficacy and quality of the workforce, the ecosystem favorable to innovation and R&D activity, entrepreneurial drive and the quality of infrastructure are today indisputable assets which make France an export hub.

If you’d like to find out more about France’s strengths and unique advantages,  click here to read the new edition of the France Attractiveness Scoreboard.

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