The World Bank last week released its flagship Doing Business report, which lists regulations that facilitate or hinder business in 190 countries. This edition takes into account the reforms that came into effect on June 1, 2018.

France is ranked 32nd this year, down one place compared with last year, and is 15th within the European Union. However, France’s overall score increased from 76.13 to 77.29 out of 100. Germany is 24th (down 4 places), and the United Kingdom is ninth (down 2 places).

France’s strengths are clear to see and include the following:

- France is once again the global number one in terms of efficiency of cross-border trade, thanks to simplified customs procedures, beating both the United Kingdom (30th) and Germany (40th).

- Enforcing contracts: France has moved up three places and is ranked 12th.

- Getting electricity: France is 14th for this criterion, moving up 12 places.

- Obtaining construction permits: France is 19th.

- Starting a business: France stands out from the crowd for the number of days needed to set up a business, with only 3.5 days required, compared with 4.5 in the United Kingdom and 8 in Germany.

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