With a view to showcasing the strength of French industry and promoting its associated companies both in France and abroad, Business France, in partnership with the Industry and Culture Laboratory / Edmp-Université Paris II, has created a project with an artistic flourish. It consists of a photo book entitled ‘Immersion in French industry: France in a different light’, which explores the world of French industry and takes the form of an odyssey.

Around a dozen companies have been selected to take part in the project. These include four foreign businesses with manufacturing sites in France – Toyota, Allergan, Barilla France and Hexcel – as well as six French companies that export their technological expertise to other countries – Safran, Navya, Esi Group, We Are Group, Groupe ADF and Environnement SA.

The project offers new insight into French industry and aims to change readers’ perceptions of this ever-evolving sector.

First-class photographers

This new vision of industry not only celebrates the values of progress, science and technology adopted by French industry, but also the natural setting that surrounds it.

The project also features five influential French and foreign blogger photographers, recognized for their artwork, travel experience and social media presence, in particular their Instagram engagement. With as many as 60,000 followers, these five individuals will help make French industry shine even brighter on the international stage.

Highlights for 2018

With a view to giving the project as much exposure as possible, Business France has decided to showcase it across multiple channels. An exhibition featuring around fifteen photos will open on Monday, April 23 at the France Pavilion organized by Business France. There will also be two large-format photo books available for visitors to peruse.

A number of other exhibitions will take place in Paris. The French industry project will go on display at the Maison de l’Industrie in June; the Paris Convention Center with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) either in May or at the end of August / beginning of September; as part of the “Usine extraordinaire” event at the Grand Palais in November; and the Mini Palais restaurant.

Extensive digital coverage

The project is underpinned by a strong digital presence, with coverage for the first time on Instagram. Several photos related to a particular company are posted on the Business France page every day, images which seek to present French industry as you have never seen it before.