It is in a climate of global uncertainty affecting all developed economies that the 21st edition of the AmCham-Bain survey has been published on the morale of American investors in France in 2020.

In that respect, the perception of France’s attractiveness has deteriorated, with 48% of American parent companies having a positive image of France in 2020 (64% in 2019).

Despite this fall, American investors are still committed to France: 71% have a positive perception of reforms for foreign investment (86% in 2019), 64% for overall competitiveness (74%) and 61% for the economic situation (78%).

Thirty-nine percent of them welcome the “Relaunch France” plan as being more competitive compared with other European countries. They are also confident about the continuation of the ambitious program of reforms to modernize France, accelerate the ecological transition and make its economy more competitive.

Less than a quarter of them believe that the crisis will have a negative impact on their investments in France in the medium term (24%). Thirty-six percent think they will return to pre-crisis activity levels in less than a year, 40% think it will need one to two years, 21% three to five years and 3% more than five years.

In the eyes of American investors, France has retained its key strengths, which include its cultural environment (78%), its quality of life (73%), its location (69%), its skilled workforce (60%), its capacity for innovation and research (56%) and the quality of its infrastructure (54%).

Innovation and corporate social responsibility are key strengths for France: for 68% of respondents, France offers a regulatory framework that is “conducive” or “very conducive” to businesses fulfilling their societal and environmental commitments.

In addition, 86% of respondents have a “positive” or “very positive” image of the innovation ecosystem in France, with the skilled workforce seen as a strength for 81% of respondents, and the country’s legal framework as a weakness for 49% of them.

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