With the global economy performing better again, positive momentum is building, and France is well set to make the most of it.

They’re cowards, they’re lazy and they’re arrogant… there are many misconceptions in how France and the French are sometimes perceived abroad. But let’s not forget that France is also seen in a positive light, particularly for its world-famous cuisine and chic luxury goods. And today, increasingly, that’s not all…

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  • In depth : Is France really becoming a nation of enterprise? 
  • Viewpoint by Pascal Cagni, Chairman of Business France "Change is in the air, can't you tell?"
  • 15 minutes with Eric Léandri, founder of Qwant
  • Spotlight : "Unleashing French diversity"
  • Case study : "Hopstay", French Tech Ticket program
  • Need to know : "Accelerating the future"
  • Lessons learned by Clément Morreau, French engineer & co-fondour of Sculpteo
  • A day with Azzura Lights

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