The series of kits on high-tech industries has just been updated.

These kits offer numerous arguments showcasing the vibrancy of industry and French innovation in various sectors.

France is fully committed to reinventing tomorrow’s high-tech industries. This key objective is designed to maintain and strengthen France’s place among major industrial powers, creating and improving a favorable ecosystem, thanks to constant government support, the efficiency of human capital, competitive infrastructure and an innovative environment.

Discover the key strengths of French industry in eight topics:

- French aerospace excellence

- Agri-food: A flagship industry

- Automotive industry and innovation

- Tomorrow’s buildings

- French rail excellence

- Industry of the future

- French nuclear expertise

- Energy transition

The kits on high-tech industries are available in French and in English.

An effective tool for promoting the French economy, its products and businesses, the kits summarize all the essential information in 10 key points per sector.