The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas from January 8-11, 2019, showcased many of France’s young tech startups. The show attracted record numbers, with 410 French startups in attendance, 330 of which were grouped under the “La French Tech” banner at Eureka Park, and supported by France’s regions, its institutions (La Poste, Le Village by CA, etc.), and Business France.

Fifty-seven products created by French companies were among the winners at this year's CES Innovation Awards and two won a Best of Innovation Award. Some hope to revolutionize traditional sectors such as perfume and cosmetics, while others focus on our daily well-being and protecting the environment.

This article focuses on 10 of them.

ARTIRIS COMPOZ ™, the world’s first smart scent diffuser, destined for the hotel market. The device emits natural scents that can be completely personalized, all from the touch of a button on a digital screen. Users can choose from up to twenty-five ethically sourced essential oils, with COMPOZ able to process five scented oil pods at a time, mixing and then releasing the scents thanks to a sophisticated dry diffusion system.

BEELIFE CoCoon, the eco-friendly connected hive, made from rot-resistant fiberglass. It protects bees from parasites, especially Varroa, through the use of heat and provides them with a safe environment in which to live. Its embedded computer alerts you whenever an anomaly is detected, and autonomously manages energy and thermal regulation. (Best of Innovation Awards)

EMUAGE The world’s first machine that allows you to make a wide variety of cosmetic products at home, made from water and encapsulated raw materials, ranging from skincare to hygiene and hair products.

FLOVEA Interactive Flowbox, the smart plumbing device. Its sensors, which are placed at the source of the water leakage, provide the user with a direct reading of their water consumption in real-time and offer solutions to prevent wasteful use of water. Its highly functional digital interface can limit or even stop the flow of water, as per the user’s requirements.

HEALSY A personalized mobile app for diabetics who, when connected to patient tools and an activity tracker, uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and predict hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic attacks.

HELITE B’Safe, a smart and 100% autonomous airbag that protects cyclists in the event of a fall or an accident. Fitted with sensors, a GPS, accelerometer and another gyroscope, this vest calculates both speed and position. It activates when the pair of sensors identifies what it considers a violent shock that could injure the user. Available to purchase from April in Europe and the United States.

LEDGER Cryptocurrency storage keys. The Nano X can store a total of 100 crypto-assets. It works via Bluetooth, resembles a USB stick, and comes with a screen. This startup, which aims to be worth more than €10 billion by 2024, could become the first “crypto unicorn”.

SNIPS This is a smart and customizable on-device voice assistant that operates without having to connect to the cloud and respects your privacy. (Best of Innovation Awards)

URGONIGHT Brain training to learn how to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Developed with neuroscientists and sleep experts, the Neurofeedback technique uses an electroencephalographic (EEG) measurement system and personalized brain training exercises via a mobile application.

0W1 audio 0W1 D, the smart portable speaker for music lovers, featuring an all-in-one hi-fi audio system. This 21st-century device enables users to access a wide range of music and works via a touchscreen interface. However, for a more immersive experience, it can be used via smartphone, tablet, and computer through its integrated web interface.